Funny Videos


Funny Videos

Following the launch of YouTube, the number of very funny videos to watch online has soared making video clip shows somewhat redundant. Some try too hard to be funny though, as the funniest moments are caught live on camera when unplanned. Below we present some very funny videos ~ some will make you laugh out loud, others will make you wince and think 'ouch' whilst others such as our funny hamster are just cute. The rest may just may make you think 'unlucky' particularly when someone is carrying out a stunt that goes oh so horribly wrong!

Funny Video Clips: Snake Bite

Funny Snake Bite

This funny snake bite video is what happens when you taunt a cobra. Not recommended!

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Funny Video Clips: Funny Hamster

Funny Hamster Video

This funny video features one very cute hamster who's determined to eat his popcorn regardless!

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Funny Video Clips: Funny Car Crash

Funny Car Crash

In video, its not the actual incident that is so funny, its what happens to one of the wheels afterwards.

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Funny Video Clips: Baby Racing

Baby Racing

In another of our funny videos, is this a very young Lewis Hamilton still inside the womb, but who thinks he's in a racing car?

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Funny Video Clips: Funny Bike Video

Funny Bike Video

This stunt probably seemed like a good idea at the time, the key bit though, is landing safely on the roof... This funny video underlines exactly what 'epic fail' actually means!

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Funny Video Clips: Funny Road Crossing

Funny Road Crossing

Discover out new techniques to cross a road in safety the Green Man would be proud of!

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