Free Visual Illusions


Free Visual Illusions

Visual illusions can be traced back through time, but the onset of the internet has given them a new lease of life. There are now some stunning new visual illusions such as the infinity illusions below being accessible to a new generation for the first time in a format not previously available, online illusions that literally go on forever or until you turn your computer off, (whichever comes first!) We've also got a range of video visual illusions and other exclusive visual illusion content. Enjoy.

Free Visual Illusions: Brain Illusions

Brain Illusions

This section of our visual illusions concentrates (excuse the pun) on brain illusions. No tricks, no sleight of hand, just illusions that demonstrate, to some extent, how your brain processes information.

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Free Visual Illusions: Rainbow Illusion

Rainbow Illusion

Again, no tricks, just a powerful insight into how your brain processes visual information. In this illusion fool your brain into thinking a black and white image is actually a colouful rainbow!

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Free Visual Illusions: Classic Illusions

Classic Illusions

Over the years there have been many classic examples of optical illusions appearing in art form. Here we present what we consider to be the very best art optical illusions.

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Free Visual Illusions: Magic Eye

Magic Eye

Magic Eye visual illusions work by manipulating a repeating pattern to control a perceived depth and hide a three dimensional image in a two dimensional pattern. Check them out here!

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Free Visual Illusions: Infinity Illusions

Infinity Illusions

Infinity illusions gained a new lease of life with animated gifs and, of course, Flash. While they continue to live on in animated form, Flash is dead or dying. Well it certainly didn't last for infinity as many of us suspected it might. Here are some of the best infinity visual illusions online but beware, they do go on a bit.

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Free Visual Illusions: Funny Visual Illusions

Funny Visual Illusions

Here we showcase a few funny visual illusions that made us smile including one that will shake your belief into the possibilities of invisibility to the core. Only proceed if you're prepared to be utterly amazed!

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Free Visual Illusions: Impossible Illusions

Impossible Illusions

See how these visual illusions turn from being impossible into possible in front of your very eyes!

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