Free Brain Illusions

This section of our visual illusions concentrates (excuse the pun) on brain illusions. No tricks, no sleight of hand, just illusions that demonstrate, to some extent, how your brain processes information. As such, many people will see these illusions differently or, depending on their colour vision, not at all, or in a limited form. This is best ilustrated in our train illusion below, going in or out of the tunnel? What do you see?

Brain Illusions 1

This is one of our favourite brain illusions. The hearts are rotating clockwise, but can you make them rotate anti-clockwise simply by staring at them?

Brain Illusions 2

Look at the rotating dots and you will only see a pink dot disappearing in motion. Now concentrate on the black plus sign in the centre. Gradually you will see that the moving dot turns green and magically disappears. One of our best brain illusions.

Brain Illusions 3

Focus on the green spot in the middle and see if the yellow spots simply disappear!

Brain Illusions 4

Try and count the number of black dots in the optical illusion above. We guess you'll find it imposisble!

Brain Illusions 5

In one of our most intruiging brain illusions, which of the two blocks is moving faster; the yellow or blue one? (Actually they are moving at exactly the same speed, but what does your brain see?)

Brain Illusions 6

Another of our best optical illusions. Look at this picture carefully. Is the train going into or coming out of the tunnel. Seems obvious? Look again. Not so obvious now is it?

Free Brain Illusions: Impossible Illusions

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Free Brain Illusions: Funny Visual Illusions

Funny Visual Illusions

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