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Free Infinity Illusions

Infinity visual illusions are captivating and mind-bending phenomena that play tricks on our perception, creating the illusion of endless or impossible structures. The first documented instance of an infinity illusion in the form of an art installation is attributed to the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who made thousands of small paintings, which later influenced her artistic vision and in 1965, unveiled her groundbreaking work titled “Infinity Mirror Room – Phalli’s Field (Floor Show)” at the Castellane Gallery in New York. This installation featured a room lined with mirrors, surrounding a floor covered in polka dot-emblazoned sewn objects. After you watch these infinity visual illusions why not check out our other free online visual illusions, we've collected the best of the net.


Infinity Illusions 5

Another great example of an infinity illusion. See if you can work it out!

Infinity Illusions 1

This is one of our favourite infinity illusions as it cleverly uses a natural image to provide a neverending infinity loop of the coastline. Ingenious!

Infinity Illusions 2

Okay, we've all had a friend who's convinced us to go down the pub for half an hour or so and you've sworn to your partner it'll be an hour at most. Little do you realise you'll be caught in an infinity loop never to escape. Then again, you'll never have to pay for another beer or get an earful when you get home for how long you've been gone so it's not all bad news!

Infinity Illusions 3

This is a modern take on a classic infinity illusion. Constantly climbing the stairs but never getting any higher. Can you work out how the illusion is achieved?

Infinity Illusions 4

Okay, so your partner (above) has just popped down the pub with his friend and shouldn't be any longer than half an hour or so, but that was what seems like an eternity ago, so you've invited a friend around for a nice cup of tea but something's gone wrong. The teapot never seems to empty, your friend doesn't take the hint to go home and you've got this strange feeling you've done this all before. Still, at least it's better than arguing with your boyfriend all of the time...