Free Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions 1

In this optical illusion, can you see the beans move? If yes, that's impossible because it's a fixed picture. It's the way your brain is processing the image that gives the illusion of movement. Spooky!

Optical Illusions 2

Another of the online optical illusions. Is the tile changing colour or have you misjudged!

Optical Illusions 3

In this optical illusion what is changing size, the cigarette or the grid it is rolling across? Or maybe neither?

Optical Illusions 4

It's hard to believe the lines in this optical illusion are absolutely straight!

Optical Illusions 5

Again the above optical illusion appears to be moving but is static. It's your brain that's providing the motion!

Optical Illusions 6

At first glance the smaller squares inside this image appear to be a bit "wonky" but that's just an optical illusion. In fact, they're perfect squares!

Free Optical Illusions: Impossible Illusions

Impossible Illusions

See how these visual illusions turn from being impossible into possible in front of your very eyes!

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Free Optical Illusions: Funny Visual Illusions

Funny Visual Illusions

Here we showcase a few funny visual illusions that made us smile including one that will shake your belief into the possibilities of invisibility to the core. Only proceed if you're prepared to be utterly amazed!

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