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Free Optical Illusions

An optical illusion occurs when our visual system interprets an image or scene in a way that diverges from the actual physical properties of the objects involved. These illusions can lead us to see things that aren’t truly there or perceive familiar shapes and patterns in unexpected ways. This happens because our eyes and brain work together to interpret visual information. However, sometimes the brain relies on shortcuts or assumptions, leading to perceptual discrepancies. Clues related to depth, shading, lighting, and position help us make sense of our three-dimensional world.


Optical Illusions 1

In this optical illusion, can you see the beans move? If yes, that's impossible because it's a fixed picture. It's the way your brain is processing the image that gives the illusion of movement. Spooky!

Optical Illusions 2

Another of the online optical illusions. Is the tile changing colour or have you misjudged!

Brain Illusions 3

Focus on the green spot in the middle and see if the yellow spots simply disappear!

Optical Illusions 4

It's hard to believe the lines in this optical illusion are absolutely straight!

Optical Illusions 5

Again the above optical illusion appears to be moving but is static. It's your brain that's providing the motion!

Optical Illusions 6

At first glance the smaller squares inside this image appear to be a bit "wonky" but that's just an optical illusion. In fact, they're perfect squares!