Funny Chav Stuff

Funny Chav Stuff

Okay, so you've searched online for some funny chav stuff, which means you either have 'a friend' who's a chav or you're just taking an academic interest in the subject. Honest. What? Right, outside now. Don't worry about admitting to being a chav ~ you can get a good brief to get you off and maybe some compo for injuries to your feelings as well. But if you're not sure whether you are actually a chav or not and, if we're being honest and un-chav like, if you use the word 'actually' you probably aren't, take our free online chav test below to find out. Results guaranteed though if you are a chav you may need help reading the answers.

Funny Chav Stuff: Chav Games

Chav Games

Play free online chav games and take down a chav. Our popular chav games include chav shooting games and chav dancing games.

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Funny Chav Stuff: Chav Greeting Cards

Chav Greeting Cards

A selection of chav greeting cards for every chav occasion, except, obviously, one for getting a job.

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Funny Chav Stuff: Chav Products

Chav Products

Here we present some chav products, from chav jewellery to sweets and tags for the young chav offender, that are now available to steal from a corner shop near you.

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Funny Chav Stuff: Chav Jokes

Chav Jokes

What do you call one hundred dead chavs at the bottom of a river? A start! More chav jokes here!

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Funny Chav Stuff: Chav Quiz

Chav Quiz

Take our free online chav quiz to test your knowledge of the chav community and behaviour.

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