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Now there's scary stuff online and really scary stuff online! Here you will discover the best scary and creepy stuff online with real pictures of ghosts, electronic voice phenomenon and, of course, our world famous online ouija board and death date calculator together with daily updated paranormal stories! Enjoy!

Scary Stuff Online: Electronic Voice Phenomena

Real Ghost Sounds

Amongst the static you can hear real ghost (EVP) sound recordings. Are they real or imaginary? You decide.

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Scary Stuff Online: Ouija Board

Online Ouija Board

Play our free online Ouija board game and ask questions of departed spirits and other ethereal souls and let the Ouja Board answer.

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Scary Stuff Online: Death Date

Death Date

Prepare yourself for the Grim Reaper by using our free online death date calculator. Are you sure you really want to know?

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Scary Stuff Online: Witches Spells

Witches Spells

These text spells are great for every aspiring witch and wizard who has a mobile phone.

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Scary Stuff Online: Past Lives Test

Past Lives Test

Take our free past lives test to find out if you have been reincarnated and who you were in past lives.

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Scary Stuff Online: Paranormal Stories

Paranormal Stories

These paranormal stories are collected from news outlets across the world and are updated regularly.

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Scary Stuff Online: Ghost Pictures

Ghost Pictures

In this section we present some pictures of what appear to be real ghosts caught on camera.

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Scary Stuff Online: Ghost Videos

Ghost Videos

Watch these ghost videos for yourself and decide whether they really are ghosts recorded on video, tricks of the light, or something else.

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Scary Stuff Online: Online Voodoo Doll

Online Voodoo Doll

To use this online Voodoo doll, type in the name of your victim and select their hair colour. After that decide what form of punishment your victim deserves then release the spirits for them to undertake that punishment on your behalf.

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Scary Stuff Online: Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling

What is knocking on the window of your future? Find out with our free online fortune telling and divination tools.

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Scary Stuff Online: Occult Games

Occult Games

Visit Occult games for some of the scariest games online including real ghost phenomena.

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