Funny Chav Quiz


Funny Chav Quiz

There were so many questions we discarded for our funny chav quiz like: "What's the most confusing day of the year for a Chav?" A: Father's day. "What do you call a female chav with two brain cells?" A: Pregnant. "What do you get when you cross a chav and a bright idea?" A: An idea that hits you for no apparent reason. Yep we had to discard all of the chav quiz quesions just like litter, or whatever chav's call their kids nowadays... Okay, we've got some other chav jokes here. In the meantime check out our online funny chav quiz and see how much you understand the chav and the chav community. Quiz answers provided at the end.

1. Two chavs, Connor and Scott, are in a car with no loud music. Who's driving?
a) Connor
b) Scott
c) Neither
d) The police

2. Another two chavs, Darren and Wayne jump off Beachy Head. Who wins?
a) Darren
b) Wayne
c) They land together because of gravity
d) Society

3. What's the official term for a 12yr old girl chav?
a) Chavette
b) Charverette
c) Chav Lass
d) Pregnant

4. How many chavs does it take to change a light bulb?
a) None, they don't have electric anyway having sold their meter for scrap.
b) Two
c) Three
d) Just one.

5. When does a chav girl normally drop her chips?
a) When she's full
b) When she sees a fit lad
c) When she's asked to pay for them
d) When she orgasms

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