Free Online Calculators


Free Online Calculators

Check out our free online calculators collection. Everything from your BMI to carbon footprint and financial calculators! Each free online calculator is yours to use online.

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Free Online Calculators: Alcohol

Alcohol Chart

You can chart the number of units of alcohol you drink a day by using our alcohol units chart calculator.

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Free Online Calculators: Biorhythms

Daily Biorhythms

This free daily biorhythms calculator will chart your intellectual, physical and emotional biorhythms. Once you start to work with Biorhythms you won't be able to stop.

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Free Online Calculators: BMI

BMI Calculator

This free online body mass index calculator tool calculates your ideal weight based on your age and height. The body mass index calculator then advises you if there is a problem.

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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbon Footprint Calculator

This free online carbon footprint calculator is designed to help people understand the impact of their CO2 lifestyle.

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Free Online Calculators: Moon Phases

Moon Phases Calendar

This Moon phases calculator shows the current phase of the Moon together with times of today's moonrise and moonset together with useful information about the phases.

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Free Online Calculators: Solar Power

Solar Power Calculator

Work out how many solar panels will meet your needs using our free online solar power calculator.

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Free Online Calculators: Fuel

Fuel Calculator

This calculator is a miles per gallon program designed to help you track your fuel mileage and fuel usage.

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Free Online Calculators: Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

This calculator calculates how much your mortgage will cost you on a monthly basis including the total repayment sums over a time period you define.

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