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Free Biorhythms Calculator

When you are aware of your three personal Biorhythms cycles you will be able to understand yourself and others better. Each of the biorhythms cycles begin on the day you were born and rises and falls in positive and negative phases throughout your life. Here we present a daily biorhythms chart.

Simply enter your date of birth and it will calculate your emotional, physical and and intellectual cycles. The blue bar shows the current day whilst pink squares indicate potentially difficult periods whilst the green squares indicate positive periods.

When your cycles pass through these areas your cycles will be accentuated so you have the opportunity to prepare.



Free Biorhythms Calculator

The theory of biorhythms is based on research undertaken by Dr. Hermann Swoboda, Dr. William Fliess and Dr. Alfred Teltscher. They claim that everyone is affected, throughout life, by three internal cycles - physical, emotional and intellectual. The physical biorhythm cycle affects resistance to disease, strength, co-ordination and other body functions. The emotional biorhythm cycle includes such factors as sensitivity, mood, perceptions and mental well-being, whilst the intellectual biorhythm cycle includes memory, alertness and the logical aspects of intelligence.