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Ghost Videos

The word ghost is a general occult term for a spirit or apparition often said to be the disembodied astral body of a person who has dies. Ghosts are said to haunt locations that they were fond of when they were alive on earth. There are many different understandings of the word ghost.

Some believe a ghost is simply an empty entity that wanders meaninglessly as shown in some of these ghost videos. Spirits, on the other hand, have intelligence and have failed to cross over following the death of the human body and still have some purpose here on earth. A demon is a negative entity from here or elsewhere in the universe and is likely to be contacted through a seance or Ouija board reading.


Ghost Videos

Watch these ghost videos for yourself and decide whether they really are ghosts or spirits recorded on video, tricks of the light, or something else. Maybe you might like to check out our Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings below, allegedly the sounds of real parted spirits captured on tape or our real ghosts pictures taken may years before today's digital imagery made such images easy to fake. These real pgotos have been subjected to vigorous tests by skeptics and remain unexplained.

Real or not so real? You decide.