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Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena is based on the belief that somehow the spirits are able to manipulate ambient energy, more typically sound energy, and are able to somehow form a voice. Paranormal researchers believe certain spirits are able to manipulate the electromagnetic workings of the electronic voice recorder in order to reach out to those who are reaching out to them from beyond the grave just as ouija boards are also used to attempt communication.

Interestingly, the voices heard in electronic voice phenomena tend to sound metallic in sound and whilst maybe easily dismissed, the recordings are always made in direct response to questions asked rather than recorded at random; suggestive, but not necessarily indicative, of some intelligence or sentience at work.



Electronic Voice Phenomena

Thomas Edison, who has been described as 'the most ingenious inventor in this country ... or in any other', tried to invent a device capable of communicating with the dead in the 1920s based on his belief that the personality survives death and therefore it would be logical the living could communicate with those souls. Whilst history does not record whether he achieved success in capturing electronic voice phenomena, many others claim to have succeeded and the study and research into the phenomena continues by a number of organisations and paranormal societies.Ghost hunters have the tendency to hear what they want to hear from the tapes when they believe they have recorded a voice or message.

They know what questions were asked and have an idea of what answers to expect. Because the technique's authenticity is impossible to prove; no tape, regardless of what's recorded on it, can be considered hard evidence. Critics have a valid point when they say that the sounds or voices recorded are either natural noises or hoaxes. There's no way to prove that they're wrong. Or right. Why not listen to these real electronic voice phenomena recordings and decide for yourself? Select the file you wish to hear then click 'go' before hitting the triangle button on the player.