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How to Read Rune Stones

Rune stones are from the German Raunen, meaning "a secret" or "mystery", occult symbols that are known in many areas of northern Europe. According to one tradition, the Scandinavian god Odin hung for nine days and nights on the World Tree and paid with one of his eyes for his knowledge of the rune stones. To read the rune stones find a quiet, sunny spot—preferably facing north as the direction of the gods in Norse mythology is associated with the north, enhancing the potency of your reading. Then lay down a clean, white cloth on a table or the floor and formulate your question in your mind before casting the rune stones onto the cloth from east to west or toward the sun. When you have done so, pay attention to the runes that land face-up. These are the ones you’ll read and interpret with their meanings below and on the next two pages.


rune stones


This is the Rune of realization: an ambition satisfied, a love conquered, a reward received. It often signals the presence of abundant nourishment of all kinds, physical as well as spiritual. Nevertheless, it reminds you that in moments of good fortune we run the risk of getting carried away by success, thus behaving imprudently. Fehu advises you to be aware of this so as to not let it happen. Enjoy your good fortune and don't forget to share it: the good will of feeding others is a sign of a well-fed being.

rune stones


This is the Rune of endings and new beginnings. It is a Rune of transition indicating that the life you have lived until now must change to make room for a new form. You might suffer the loss of something or someone with whom you hold strong emotional links. However, Uruz reminds you that it is an entirely natural process: death, fertilization, gestation and rebirth. The ashes fertilize the ground for future crops. Learn to adapt to the moment, using the strength of your masculinity or femininity as support, and look for the opportunity that hides behind the loss.

rune stones


Thurisaz indicates the presence of new options opening before you. However, it is advised to stop in front of the gate before crossing it, to look at the road that led you up to here. This Rune points toward the need of not acting yet, but to examine past experiences and circumstances before continuing towards success. It is not a moment to make decisions, but rather to strengthen your ability to wait. Review your past closely. Observe it, bless it, and let go of everything you need to let go of. Then cross the door.

rune stones


This Rune advises you to expect the unexpected. It is a message that calls you towards change and renovation, maybe even towards a new life. There will be new relations, new links, new contacts created, and therefore it is recommended that you keep your eyes and ears open during meetings or casual encounters. On the other hand, Ansuz reminds you that you must first love and nourish yourself before trying to love and nourish others: it is impossible to give what one does not have. This Rune reminds you to remind yourself.

rune stones


This Rune is related to communication and harmony of something made up of two elements. It often signals the possibility of a journey, be it in the physical world or to the depths of your being. Such journey could well be towards self-healing or self-change. Raido advises you to moderate any excess in your life. Maybe an unexpected union will occur in your life, or maybe you will reunite with someone close that you haven't seen in a long time. Or maybe the reunion predicted by Raido refers to certain internal aspects in you that have been in conflict for some time.

rune stones


Fire often symbolizes intense emotions and passion. However, you are reminded that passion, like everything else, has two sides. Excessive passion could lead to destructive obsession, but on its positive side it can lead to creativity. A clarity of intent in your attitude is required in order to avoid falling into its negative side. In the area of relationships, Kano announces a mutual opening. The torch of understanding is lit again for both, and the creative power of such fire could lead to great breakthroughs.

rune stones


Fortune smiles, and nice surprises will arrive unexpectedly. Something positive is on its way, something that is totally deserved. You will probably receive awards, maybe a promotion, an acknowledgement or a gift. There is hope and joy. There are fulfilled promises and dreams come true. There is grace and forgiveness. Maybe some type of partnership is about to be born. If this is the case, Gebo reminds you to keep your individuality: remember that true partnership occurs when two beings form a team, each one retaining their own singularity.

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