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Free Numerology Reading

The ancient art of interpreting numbers, numerology, answers to a deep seated human need to find meaning in even the most commonplace things and events. The procedures and theories of the numerologists are simple to learn, and equally revealing. Practitioners of the ancient art of numerology believe that numbers can reveal the future and show the hidden aspects of a person's character.

Numerology is a method of making names, dates or events correspond to numbers - generally between one and nine, although sometimes eleven and twenty-two are included in the system. Each number has a certain significance, William Shakespeare, for example, corresponds to five, the number of resourcefulness and versatility.


Free Numerology Reading

To find your numerology number, simply write down the number corresponding to each letter of your name, and then add them all together. If the resulting number is over nine, add up its digits and keep doing this until the result is a number less than ten. Our numerology video below will show you how to do this. If the digits corresponding to your name add up to one, you are probably a dominant kind of person, a leader. they tend to dominate everyone they meet, they rarely have close friends and are sometimes very lonely people. 'Twos' are quiet, unambitious, gentle, kind, tidy and conscientious. They often get their own way, however, by gentle persuasion rather than force. Three is one of the most extrovert numbers, belonging to intelligent, creative and witty people, who generally make friends easily and seem to succeed at anything to which they turn to. Four, like two, is a number corresponding to dependable, down to earth people. They are born organisers, they lack the volatility of 'ones' and 'threes' but they make up for this by their fairness and meticulous attention to detail. Five is the number of bright, fast-moving, clever, impatient people. They live on their nerves and love meeting people and seeking out new experiences. They are often physically attractive but rather feckless, hating to be tied down.

People whose number is six are among the happiest of the numerology system. they are happy, tranquil, well-balanced and home loving. they are affectionate, loyal, sincere and conscientious, although they can also be rather fussy, conceited and self-satisfied. Seven is the number of the loner, the introspective scholar, philosopher, mystic or occultist. These people tend to stand aside from life, content to observe it. Eights represents worldly success and people who have this number often make good businesspeople, politicians or lawyers. their success is, however, often at the expense to their warmer, more human qualities. Nine stands for the height of intellectual and spiritual achievement. 'Niners' are idealists, romantics, visionaries, poets and scientists. They also tend to be inclined to seek the limelight and be fickle with friends or lovers.