Chav Dancer Game

This chav game is a bit weird, but we thought we'd throw it in anyway as we promised you a page of chav games and there aren't many around. Remember to tell your friends about all the chav games and other chav stuff on these pages. Innit? Finally, what do you call a chav dancing? A seizure! Oh, one more! What key an open any lock... A pi-key. After you've played Chav Dancer, why not check out and play our other chav games? Chav Hunter and Grand Theft Raj are probably two of the best chav games online.

Chav Hunter

Chav Hunter Hunter Game

Okay, Chav Hunter isn't the most sophisticated game in the world, but if you like shooting at chavs it should give you some satisfaction. You have a number of chav killing missions to undertake, so go see how many chavs you can kill today.

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Grand Theft Raj

Chav Killing Game

In this chav killing game you are Raj, owner and keeper of the corner shop, yes indeed sir. Unfortunately local chav lads have started stealing from your shop and the police rate it a no-go area, so you have to take the law into your own hands.

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