Free Magic Camera Trick

This magic camera is an intriguing online novelty based on late Victorian technology but was only fully usuable when the very first inventors were able to tentatively understand the principles of "heliography" which led to the first permanent photograph of a camera image being "taken" in 1825 by Joseph Nicrephore Niepce using a sliding wooden box camera made by Charles and Vincent Chevalier in Paris. Whilst many computers nowadays have a built in camera function, this Magic Camera, as it was known in the 1890, simply uses light disfractment; an old scientific term for using the ionised particles on any glass plate such as your computer screen. The results aren't perfect but give you some insight into how the inventors of the past thought and worked, leading the way to today's technological advancements.

The process is quite simple although there needs to be a quick check that you have the right type of screen. If you have to download a small strip of code, don't worry, it will make no changes to your computer settings whatsoever, its just to check compatibility and erases itself immediately after you use the magic camera. After you have your picture taken with the magic camera why not check out our other free online magic tricks?

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