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Real Ghost Pictures

Is it really possible to take real ghost pictures with your camera? Well if you believe in ghosts anything is possible, so why not? The ghost pictures above are some of the most famous ghost pictures ever taken and captured on film. Most are not staged shots attempting to capture ghost pictures, most are simply just snaps taken, which, when returned to the taker appear to show ghostly life forms and apparitions. There are many supposedly real ghost pictures available online however most can be proved as fake as nowadays, with modern image photography, its all too easy to create seemingly real images using imaging software. These ghost pictures are different because they were taken before the onset of digital imaging and have been analysed by the best in the field. Are they real ghost pictures? You decide!


Ghost Videos

Real Ghost Pictures




Capturing images of ghosts on camera is a fascinating pursuit that blends the realms of technology, belief, and the supernatural. While skeptics may raise their eyebrows, those who have experienced eerie phenomena firsthand understand the allure. Here are some intriguing approaches to capturing ghostly evidence: Firstly, try and use two security cameras and position them strategically in a room, covering different angles. One camera should continuously record, while the other captures motion-triggered footage. This setup increases the likelihood of capturing any spectral activity. Then set one camera to record continuously, ensuring 24/7 coverage. This feature is typically available on security cameras with local storage options. The other camera can focus on motion detection, alerting you to potential ghostly activity. Remember, capturing real pictures of ghosts on camera remains elusive, but the quest continues.