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Free Daily Crossword

There's nothing like a daily crossword to kick the old grey matter into gear and it's a known fact that crossword puzzles boost verbal skills as well as reduce the risk of dementia. Not that you may need to cut your risk of dementia but crosswords can also help enhance your ability to think creatively in a more strategic fashion and, of course, they're a great way to increase your vocabulary as, by playing our free online daily crossword, you'll be learning new words constantly because, if you don't know the meaning of a new word, you can always check the dictionary and add it to your vocabulary. or, gosh, use the internet. Okay, this isn't the easist online crossword but, if you do get stuck, you have the option of revealing an individual etter in the grid or, if really stuck, the entire word. Most days we have more than one puzzle for you to play.


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