Free Celebrity Autographs


Free Celebrity Autographs

When was first launched so many moons ago, we were mainly a celebrity autograph site dedicated to scouring the internet to find you the very best in free downloadable celebrity autographs. Since then the site has undergone many changes and direction in editorial content and policy but, needless to say, we have remained true to our roots and continue to provide probably the best collection of free celebrity autographs online. Simply click on the category below to get taken to that page of autographs, select the autograph you want then go to the celebrity page and right click the autograph to download onto your hard drive. Simples.

Free Celebrity Autographs: Screen Legends

Screen Legends

We have a wide range of movie celebrity autographs to download from the old to the new.

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Free Celebrity Autographs: TV Personalities

TV Autographs

From soap stars to other leading television celebrities, we've got a growing range of TV autographs.

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Free Celebrity Autographs: Musicians

Music Autographs

Our pop and music celebrity autographs selection features artistes ranging from the Beatles to Elvis.

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Free Celebrity Autographs: Football Stars

Football Autographs

Check out our football celebrity autographs - they won't cost you a footballer's wage to download!

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Free Celebrity Autographs: Politicians

Political Autographs

Political autographs featuring US Presidents, Prime Ministers and other leading political figures.

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Free Celebrity Autographs: Sport Stars

Sport Autographs

This sport autograph collection features Johnny Wilkinson and Tiger Woods amongst many others.

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Free Celebrity Autographs: Historical Figures

Historical Autographs

Autographs from famous people such as the late Queen Elizabeth II, Nelson Mandela and even Harry Houdini!

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