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IMPORTANT: This Catchphrase game is from our archive so, when it asks "Play Again?" and you hit "yes, obviously" you get transported to a parked domain site that closed many years ago. So, if you are asked to play again, simply refresh your browser and lo, you can without any redirects. (The problem being whilst is securely hosted, our original partner and developer went offline some years ago leaving a parked domain so a warning message flashes up from that parked domain. Don't worry, it only happens because you would be moving from an http to http!)

You know the relaunched Catchphrase, the TV game show where segments of a picture are revealed to unmask a well known catchphrase? This is an okay version of the game, just remember to hit your enter key if you can't work out what the catchphrase is and another segment will be revealed. If you can't get it right after revealing all nine squares, the Catchphrase game will reveal the answer for you. To play again, hit refresh on your browser or you'll be taken off site. After you play this online Catchphrase game, why not check out and play our other free TV games?

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