Biorhythm Calculator


Biorhythm Calculator

The theory of Biorhythms is based on research undertaken by Dr. Hermann Swoboda, Dr. William Fliess and Dr. Alfred Teltscher. They claim that everyone is affected, throughout life, by three internal cycles - physical, emotional and intellectual. The physical biorhythm cycle affects resistance to disease, strength, co-ordination and other body functions. The emotional biorhythm cycle includes such factors as sensitivity, mood, perceptions and mental well-being, whilst the intellectual biorhythm cycle includes memory, alertness and the logical aspects of intelligence.

Biorhythm Download

Using this free downloadable biorhythm calculator you can anticipate a potential period of positive activity or be warned of a particularly negative phase. The Physical Biorhythm cycle is 23 days long, the Emotional Biorhythm 28 days and the Intellectual Biorhythm 33 days. The critical time is when each Biorhythm cycle crosses the mid-way caution line between the highs and lows. Take advantage of your high energy times using Biorhythms. Accept and appreciate the restful times in your Biorhythm cycles. Understand, using Biorhythms, why you are having a bad day. Check your Biorhythm compatibility with partner, family and friends.

Here we offer a free downloadable biorhythms calculator that will run for 45 days absolutely free of charge. After that time you may register the software, although it remains free of charge. Download by clicking here.


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